Sporting career

Olympic Games

I have been part of Team GB at 5 Olympic Games spanning 20yrs. Having competed in 1992, 1996 and 2000 and then been a staff member of Team GB in 2008 and 2012. I’ve seen our Olympic success go from 5 Gold’s down to 1 then up to 11, 9, 19 and now 29. The change in expectations and performance has been incredible to witness.

Proudest moment

The proudest moments of my sporting career were at the Sydney Olympics where I was part of the Men’s 8+ who won the Gold Medal, the only British crew to have done so since 1912, or as part of Team GB witnessing GB’s best ever results at an incredible well run, friendly, fun Games organized in the UK. It made me very proud to be British.

Managing change

Much of my rowing career ended in disappointment, but with 2 years to go before the 2000 Olympics we under went a huge change in approach which resulted in our results changing dramatically, we went from 7th to 1st. If you want to find out more about the change read my book ‘Will it Make the Boat Go faster’.

Team GB

In July 2009 I was employed by the British Olympic Association to set up their Home Advantage Programme, having done all I could usefully do I left in May 2011 but continue to work for them on an ad hoc basis, this included 5 weeks this summer working at the Preparation Camp in Loughborough and in the Olympic Village.

British Rowing and Samsung World Rowing Cup Eton Dorney 2013

Whilst I no longer compete I am still passionate about sport and I will continue to be involved in sport. I have volunteered at a number of international rowing events in the UK including the forth coming Samsung World Rowing Cup Eton Dorney 2013 ( where I am the Chairman of the Organising Committee. A role that I also fulfilled at the 2011 World Rowing Junior Championships. I am a Steward of Henley Royal Regatta and on the committee of management. I look forward to being involved for many more years to come.

Helping teams make their ‘boats’ go faster

I have also run workshops and spoken to teams and individuals from numerous sports including, Rugby league, American Football, Football, Handball, rowing, Canoeing to name but a few.

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