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The Speech

''Our participants were impressed by Ben’s story and will never forget him. It is an inspirational journey that we can apply to any kind of business or deal situation''

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An inspiring story of winning an Olympic gold medal

What’s the speech all about?

Ben tells the story of the last 24 months leading up to the Sydney Olympics and how the Great Britain Men’s Eights changed as a crew from being a regularly 7th placed boat to a winning one. The story is one of a group of individuals forged into a winning team by following a set of Performance Principles, habitually and consistently, in everything they did. Those Performance Principles were:

– Focus on what’s important
– Focus on performance, in order to get results
– Work together effectively

It is an engaging, motivational and inspiring speech that can be tailored to you and your current challenges and opportunities. The Great Britain Men’s Eights’ collective focus, direction and drive to succeed was captured in the execution of the clear and direct question – ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’.

[/caption]The simplicity of the question and its implied focus and action consistently resonates with teams and individuals who are challenged to lead themselves and others to simplify process, reduce complexity, innovate and improve performance.

Ben is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world. Part of the connection that people establish with Ben and his story is that it could be them. He is a humble, ordinary guy who achieved something extraordinary. Everyone can relate with his “Crazy goal”, his dream and what Ben and his crew did to raise performance and achieve their dreams. It may be an Olympic story but its relevance to every team and every organisation immediately becomes clear.

The speech will take 45 – 60 minutes and is tailored to fit with your key messages. Click below for more information on the speech process and optional workshops to ensure your delegates can immediately begin to apply the ideas.

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